Melissa R as Maid Marian

Class Schedule

School of BT-SLO Class Schedule (PDF) (updated on 7/13/2014)


New Classes

Modern with Jonathan Gabriel: Tuesdays 4:00 – 5:30 PM

This will be a beginner level Modern Dance Technique class. Each class will start slowly on the ground and build to a more energetic rhythm. The techniques shared in class will primarily be a fusion of X-Material, Graham, and Limón. The class will build connection and stabilization through expanding the core of the body.

Boys Ballet with Julian Rossi: moving to Thursdays 4:45 PM

BT-SLO’s own Julian Rossi continues his fun and energetic boy’s class at this new day and time. Attention brothers of ballerinas already dancing with us: come run & jump with Julian!