• We bring artistry to every class

  • We are passionate about ballet

  • Each class can be a performance

Front door 1, new paint, Oct 5, 2019
Front door 1, new paint, Oct 5, 2019

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Front door 3, new paint, Oct 5, 2019
Front door 3, new paint, Oct 5, 2019

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Studio Interior 1
Studio Interior 1

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Front door 1, new paint, Oct 5, 2019
Front door 1, new paint, Oct 5, 2019

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Our studio inside and out...

Our Outlook...

It is a privilege for us to run our own ballet school. We can live our vision to teach true technique and have our students understand how the body works and moves moves. We explain, we correct, and we care about movements done correctly.


At Our School...

Every Movement is TECHNIQUE BASED. We teach the proper ways the body moves for ballet. Plus, we explain the reasons why movements occur as they do.

Classes capture the SPIRIT and JOY of dance. Our students gain satisfaction from truly studying and SUCCEEDING in the art form.


Everyone IMPROVES. Come to class, study with us, and you WILL improve. Plus, you will feel terrific in the process.


Classes have NO WASTED TIME. Our instructors prepare for and focus on class; attendance is taken by staff at the front desk. Class moves along at a good pace. Classes start on time.

btslo_18521 F.jpg

It is a privilege to dance


Being in ballet class is like entering another world. It's a world of beautiful, meaningful movement; great athleticism; artistry.


Movement in ballet evokes every possible emotion - happiness, sorrow, longing, fulfillment... Ballet is one of the great achievements of mankind.  


In every class, we get closer to realizing more of what ballet has to offer.

Families Talk About BT-SLO


"Our 7 yr. old granddaughter has been taking classes for 2 years at BT-SLO and absolutely loves it. Miss Terry is in an impassioned  dancer and instructs with love, gentle discipline, and imparts joy for classical ballet technique. Performances are well balanced as they  include classical technique, expressive interpretation, and well-designed fun choreography with costumes. It is the perfect combination of dance. BT-SLO is a real gift to our community."

Francine & Tony H.

“My daughter joined Ballet Theatre SLO at age 3 and is still in love with the art of dance now at 6 years old. Each class moving forward has been a joy to watch as she grows and learns ballet. The teachers are amazing and you can definitely see the love of dance within them, as a parent I am proud to be a part of BT-SLO

La'Garyka M.

"As a preschooler, I took ballet classes with Miss Terry. Forty years later, I was delighted to enroll my preschooler in classes at BT-SLO. Our child needs the consistency and love that Miss Terry provides by teaching all the children's classes. We appreciate that Miss Terry combines technique and imaginative dance to challenge and inspire our child."

Lizzie L.

"We are so happy to be involved with Ballet Theater SLO. It is a joy to watch all of the students, no matter their age or ability, come together and support each other as they prepare for a performance or take a class. Miss Terry has true passion and love for the art and all of her students."

Lizz K.