The beloved full-length ballet returns to the Central Coast. A Holiday classic not to be missed!  Perfect for the ENTIRE family.

Photos from the BT-SLO Cast of "A Christmas Carol"

by Mike Soliman

260 Spirit of Christmas Past
260 Spirit of Christmas Past

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203 Sprit of Christmas Present
203 Sprit of Christmas Present

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20 Scrooge & Tiny Tim
20 Scrooge & Tiny Tim

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260 Spirit of Christmas Past
260 Spirit of Christmas Past

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The Story of "A Christmas Carol"

Act 1

Scene 1: Scrooge’s Office and the Streets of London

Ebenezer Scrooge is in his office going over the books with Bob Cratchit, his employee. Outside, people are shopping; caroliers are singing. Scrooge’s nephew comes to invite Scrooge to Christmas dinner, which he gruffly refuses. Tiny Tim Cratchit and young Bob Cratchit Jr. wait for their father to get off work. Two gentlemen seeking money to help feed the poor are chased away by Scrooge. When they nonetheless wish him a “Merry Christmas,” he scorns them with “Bah, Humbug!” Scrooge then begrudgingly lets Bob Cratchit leave early and take off work on Christmas Day. Scrooge leaves his office and heads home.


Scene 2: Scrooge’s Bedroom

As Scrooge arrives home, suddenly he sees the ghost of Jacob Marley, his dead partner, in front door knocker. After Scrooge goes to bed, Marley’s ghost reappears and tells Scrooge that he will be visited by three spirits: the Spirits of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future.


Scene 3: Scrooge’s Childhood – Christmas Past

At the stroke of one, as Scrooge sleeps, the Spirit of Christmas Past appears and leads him to the past where, in amazement, he sees himself as a child.


Scene 4: Fezziwig’s Warehouse – Christmas Past

As they travel forward in time, they come to a Christmas party at the Fezziwig’s warehouse where Scrooge was an apprentice as a young man. Many friends and his betrothed are there. As the scene dissolves, he regretfully sees himself pulling away from his betrothed, and the Spirit of Christmas Past leads him back to his bedroom.



Act 2

Scene 1: Scrooge’s Bedroom – Christmas Present

At the stroke of two Scrooge is visited by the Spirit of Christmas Present


Scene 2: The Cratchit Family Home – Christmas Present

The spirit takes Scrooge to the home of the Cratchits, where the loving family is attending to the ailing Tiny Tim, and rejoicing in preparing the holiday meal. As the scene dissolves, the spirit leads Scrooge to his nephew’s home.


Scene 3: Scrooge’s Nephew’s Home – Christmas Present

At the nephew’s home, Scrooge sees family and friends gathering and enjoying Christmas Eve. They dance a minuet and one young couple finds a moment for flirtation. The merriment continues as the nephew calls all to a goblet dance. As the guests leave, the nephew and his wife linger in the magic of Christmas.


Scene 4: Scrooge’s Bedroom – Christmas Future

At the stroke of three, the Spirit of Christmas Future arrives at Scrooge’s bedside. He goes forward in time to see his run down office and the home of Bob Cratchit, now filled with sadness. Tiny Tim’s crutch is all that is left of the child. From the sadness at the Cratchit’s home, the spirit leads him to a graveyard where in horror he sees his own name on a headstone.


Scene 5: Scrooge’s Dream

Scrooge is once again having a dream. Or is it a nightmare? He sees the results of his coldness of heart. Tormented by the haunting guilt, he awakens determined to make amends.


Scene 6: The Streets of London

Scrooge, acting in the true spirit of Christmas, brings gifts to his nephew’s home and asks them to accompany him to the Cratchit home. At the Cratchit’s, he bestows generosity upon all. He then leads the amazed group to his office where he offers his own chair to his nephew and makes him his new partner. Back on the street, Scrooge regards everyone with a delighted smile as Tiny Tim proclaims, “God bless us, everyone.”