In-person classes start JUNE 17

A Note about Virtual (Zoom) Classes

We will continue to offer each class via Zoom through the summer once we begin in-person classes. Virtual class offerings will be at the same time as in-person classes.

BT-SLO COVID-19 Policies for In-Person Classes

EVERYONE participating in classes at BT-SLO is REQUIRED

to follow the POLICIES below and the RULES listed at right

Rules for In-Person Classes

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Dancers must be registered for a given class. Drop-in classes will not be available for June – August. This is for two reasons. (1) All payments for classes will be done online through The Studio Director. This will be safer for all without cash, check, or credit card transactions at the studio Front Desk. (2) We will need to practice social distancing and personal separation in the dance studio and in the building. Therefore, we must know in advance how many dancers are enrolled in each class. If classes are full, we will set up waiting lists and let you know when the class is available.


No registration fee will be charged through The Studio Director for classes June through August.

Health & Safety Protocols

Health Self-Check

Dancers, guardians, and teachers are required to stay at home if they are feeling sick or under the weather; have a fever, shortness of breath, or cough; or have been around anyone testing positive for COVID-19.


Temperature Check

Upon entering the lobby, each dancer will have their temperature checked by a BT-SLO staff member using a non-contact thermometer. Dancers who have a fever, temperature above 100.4°F, will not be permitted to attend class.



Current CDC guidelines state that wearing a mask is prudent when social distancing is not possible. We recognize that the physical exertion associated with ballet/dance class makes wearing a mask during class possibly too confining or not safe.

  • Masks are required for everyone entering the building.

  • Masks may be removed in the studio to enable dancing. This is allowed for easy breathing during active dancing. 

  • Anyone that would like to keep his or her mask on during dancing may do so. 

  • Physical distancing will be used by students and teachers as much as possible.

  • Upon exciting the dance studio, to leave class or use the bathroom, students must put on their masks to walk through the lobby.


Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Common areas and commonly shared surfaces will be cleaned regularly through the day in the building and in the studio spaces. 

  • Barres and equipment will be disinfected after each class. 

  • More extensive cleaning will be done during “closed” hours. 


Hand Sanitizer Stations

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the lobby area and in the dance studio. 

  • Everyone should use the hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the building. Dancers will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entry to and exit from the studio.

  • Hand Sanitizer will contain at least 60% alcohol content. 


Entry/Exit of the Dance Studio & Building

  • Dancers will ENTER THE STUDIO through the door down the side hallway near the cubbies.

  • Dancers will EXIT THE STUDIO using the door that opens to the lobby.

  • There will be 6ft guide spacing outside the building for dancers waiting to enter, or for parents to pick up a dancer.

  • Dancers should not arrive earlier then 5 minutes before the start of a class. Those who arrive earlier should remain in their cars.

  • Dancers should arrive fully dressed with hair done and ready for class. The bathrooms will not be places to do hair or to change.

  • Parents/guardians must be in the parking lot 10 minutes prior to the pick-up time of their young dancers. It is important not to be late. 

  • Class times have been altered to allow one class to exit before the next class enters the dance studio.

  • Breaks have been scheduled in between classes so that cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can be done.

  • It is important not to enter the building too early or linger in the building upon exit. Parents/guardians are asked to stay in their cars or in a line with proper social distancing while waiting for their dancers. 

  • Dancers will be invited into the studio once the previous class has exited and the cleaning list is completed for the next class to enter.


Bathrooms & Cubbies

  • The bathrooms will be limited to no more than 2 people at a time.

  • Everyone must wash his or her hands with soap before exiting the bathroom.

  • Cubbies will not be available for use for the time being.

  • Dancers need to keep their things with them in the dance studio and limit their personal items to a small bag. We cannot accommodate large dance bags in the studio.


Water Cooler

  • San Luis Obispo City requirements state that our water cooler must be disabled.

  • Dancers must bring their own water bottle. No glass containers at BT-SLO.

  • There will be no bottled water available at the studio.


Food & Snacks

  • Out of an abundance of caution and to limit the transmission of COVID-19, no food or snacks may be brought into the studio building.


Studio Dancing Rules

  • Parents/guardians/siblings/other family members of dancers are asked not to come into the building. The lobby can be seen through the front windows for pickup of your dancer.

  • Dancers should wear their masks in the studio until class begins and in common spaces like the lobby or bathroom. Dancers may choose to wear their mask during class.

  • Only teachers or BT-SLO staff should touch the doors to enter and exit the studio or the building unless there is an emergency.

  • Dancers will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon any entry to the studio space and final exit.

  • Dancers will be assigned a marked space at the barre to create as much physical distancing as possible. The barres will be disinfected between classes to keep each assigned space sanitized. 

  • Dancers are advised to bring a freshly cleaned hand towel to place over the barre at their space.

  • Dancers will need to be mature in following teacher and BT-SLO staff instructions to help keep physical distances.

  • All parents/guardians should go over good physical distancing practices and hand cleaning practices with their dancer(s) as many times as necessary to insure their dancer understands the importance of these practices.



  • All payments for classes must be done online through The Studio Director.

  • No payments for classes can be accepted at the Front Desk.


Lost & Found

  • We are required to remove our Lost and Found box.

  • Items left behind at the studio following class will be discarded. (We are sorry about this, but we have no other choice. Please do not leave anything behind.)


Lobby Seating, Class Viewing

  • We are required to remove all indoor seating in our lobby and viewing areas to maintain social distancing and produce a safe indoor space.

  • Parents/siblings/other family members will not be able to view dance classes for the time being.


Windows, Doors, and Ventilation

  • Out of extra precaution, the lobby door, front windows, and back roll-up door will be open during classes to promote ventilation and airflow.

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