Virtual (Zoom) Classes

We will continue to offer each class via Zoom for those who are more comfortable with the virtual environment than in-person classes. Virtual classes will be at the same time as in-person classes.

BT-SLO COVID-19 Policies for In-Person Classes

EVERYONE participating in classes at BT-SLO is REQUIRED

to follow the POLICIES below and the RULES listed at right

Rules for In-Person Classes

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A. Registration

To take class in person at our studio, all dancers must be registered for the class through The Studio Director.

B. Drop-In Classes

Drop-in classes must be virtual through Zoom. We are not permitted to have in-person drop-in students because of COVID restrictions. More information about taking a virtual drop-in class on our Classes Page

C. Masks

Masks are required at all times when in the building and when using the bathrooms.

  • Masks must be worn properly, covering the nose and mouth.

  • Masks with valves are not permitted. Please do not use bandanas as masks.

D. Social Distancing

We are permitted to be open with a reduced number of dancers in order to maintain social distancing. We can accommodate up to nine (9) dancers in our studio space. Classes with greater than nine students will require a mixture of in-person and Zoom participation.



E. Health & Safety Protocols

Health Self-Check

Dancers, guardians, and teachers are required to stay at home if they are feeling sick or under the weather; have a fever, shortness of breath, or cough; or have been around anyone testing positive for COVID-19.


Temperature Check

Upon entering the lobby, each dancer will have their temperature checked by a BT-SLO staff member using a non-contact thermometer. Dancers who have a fever, temperature above 100.4°F, will not be permitted to attend class.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Common areas and commonly shared surfaces will be cleaned regularly through the day.

  • Barres and equipment will be disinfected after each class. 

  • More extensive cleaning will be done during “closed” hours. 


Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located in the lobby area and the dance studio. 

  • Everyone must use the hand sanitizer upon entering the building.


Entry/Exit of the Dance Studio & Building

  • Dancers will ENTER THE STUDIO through the door down the side hallway near the cubbies.

  • Dancers will EXIT THE STUDIO using the door that opens to the lobby.

  • Dancers should not arrive earlier then 5 minutes before the start of a class. Those who arrive earlier should remain in their cars.

  • Dancers should arrive fully dressed with hair done and ready for class. The bathrooms will not be places to do hair or to change.

  • Parents/guardians must be in the parking lot 10 minutes prior to the pick-up time of their young dancers. It is important not to be late. 

  • Class times have been altered to allow one class to exit before the next class enters the dance studio.

  • Breaks have been scheduled in between classes so that cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can be done.

  • It is important not to enter the building too early or linger in the building upon exit. Parents/guardians are asked to stay in their cars or outside while waiting for their dancers. 

  • Dancers will be invited into the studio once the previous class has exited and cleaning is completed for the next class to enter.


Bathrooms, Cubbies, Dance Bags

  • The bathrooms will be limited to no more than 2 people at a time.

  • Everyone must wash his or her hands with soap before exiting the bathroom.

  • Cubbies will not be available for use.

  • Dancers need to keep their things with them in the dance studio and limit their personal items to a small bag. Please, no large dance bags in the studio.



  • Dancers must bring their own water bottle. No glass containers at BT-SLO.

  • There will be no bottled water, or water from our water cooler available at BT-SLO.


Food & Snacks

  • Dancers are not permitted to bring food or snacks into the building.


Studio Dancing Rules

  • Parents/guardians/siblings/other family members of dancers are asked not to come into the building. The lobby can be seen through the front windows for pickup of your dancer.

  • Dancers must wear their masks at all times when in the building and when using the bathrooms.

  • Dancers will be assigned a marked space at the barre to maintain physical distancing.

  • Dancers may bring a freshly cleaned hand towel to place over the barre at their space.

  • Dancers will need to be mature in following teacher and BT-SLO staff instructions to help maintain physical distancing.

  • All parents/guardians should go over good physical distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing practices with their dancer(s) to insure their dancer understands their importance.



  • All payments for classes must be done online through The Studio Director, PayPal, or Venmo. Specific directions are on our website, classes page.

  • No payments for classes can be accepted at the Front Desk.


Lost & Found

  • We are required to remove our Lost and Found container.

  • Items left at the studio following class will be discarded. Please do not leave anything behind.


Lobby Seating, Class Viewing

  • We must remove all indoor seating in our lobby and viewing areas to maintain social distancing and have a safe indoor space.

  • Parents/siblings/other family members will not be able to view dance classes.


Windows, Doors, and Ventilation

  • Front windows and the back roll-up door will be OPEN during classes to promote ventilation and airflow.

  • The lobby front door will be OPEN as safety concerns allow.


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