Saturday mornings, 9 - 9:45am

Here is a class for the developing young dance artist! Expression, storytelling, use of inspirational props and simple folk steps, age appropriate ballet stretches and positions, music appreciation, rhythm, right and left, floor patterns and more!

What Parents Are Saying About BT-SLO's Creative Dance Class


"BT-SLO's Creative Dance class has been a wonderful start into the ballet world for my 4 year old daughter. The classes have well surpassed any other children's dance or gymnastics program I have been a part of or heard about. The instructors are extremely professional yet warm and welcoming. The performances have been outstanding and have left my daughter wanting more and more ballet. A year later and I see no end in sight of her desire to continue moving up within BT-SLO."

Julie A.

"My daughter has been in Creative Dance for a little over a year and has loved every minute of it. Miss Terry is an amazing teacher and my daughter has learned so much from her. I especially love that she takes full advantage of class time while still keeping light and fun for them."

Sarah R.

PRE-BALLET (5-8 yrs)

Saturday mornings, 9:45 - 10:30am

Pre-Ballet is for the young aspiring ballet dancer! A more sophisticated introduction to the how and why of classic ballet vocabulary and technique, emphasizing the creativity, rhythm, joy and freedom of dancing.

What Parents Are Saying About BT-SLO's Pre-Ballet Class


"It’s been great watching my daughter’s dancing begin to mature in Pre-Ballet. She’s been able to solidify her understanding of the body positions and to remember longer choreographed routines while still having lots of fun! Using streamers, pinwheels, and tambourines makes the quality dance training they are receiving feel playful and light. Her favorite parts of the class are learning rhythms with the tambourine and leaping over the dots while hitting the tambourine. She absolutely loved getting the opportunity to participate in the spring performance of The Circus Ballet as a poodle. The performance taught her so much about patience and diligence as well as stage presence and character development. Every aspect, from taking responsibility of her own costume, to realizing she would miss instructions if she did not listen carefully - all these were points of growth for her, and she thoroughly enjoyed the whole process!

Eva N.

"My daughter looks forward every week to attend ballet class. We have noticed improvement with her balance and coordination. Ballet has helped develop her self-confidence and self-esteem around her peers."

Melissa S.

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