BT-SLO Performance

We performed Gilbert Reed's The Firebird in spring 2011. Having Mr. Reed as an integral part of this production was memorable.

Performing Company Snapshot

BT-SLO's performing company, under the artistic direction, choreography, and leadership of Theresa Slobodnik, has produced a wide range of original ballets and ballets from the classical repertoire. Our hallmark is telling stories on stage. Whether it is the medieval tale of Robin Hood (Robin Hood 2009, 2013), the heartwarming story of a toy rabbit coming to life (The Velveteen Rabbit, 2009, 2012), the mysterious worlds of water spirits (Undine, 2012), or the wintry world of The Snow Queen (2017, 2018) we have been able to capture the essence of a story, tell it on stage through dance, and connect with all ages in the audience.

The Boy in Green role from Les Patineurs (The Skaters). This short ballet, choreographed by Theresa Slobdnik, is one of the company's signature pieces.

Undine, 2012

Peter Look out! BT-SLO_Peter&Wolf_7215.j

Peter and the Wolf, 2017

Dance is a performing art. Performance takes each dancer to the next level of achievement, ability, proficiency.


BT-SLO was founded as a performing company. We perform several times in a season in different venues. We spend a significant amount of time in rehearsals. Our goal is to perfect what we present on the stage and remain true to the traditions of ballet and dance.


For our Performing Company...

...we are AUTHENTIC. We are upholding the 300+ year tradition of telling stories on stage through dance. We connect with our audiences and change lives in the process. 

... our rehearsals represent SATISFYING WORK. Yes, we do rehearse a lot for our performances. It is satisfying work done in camaraderie with others. We are confident when we reach the stage.

... everything we produce is PROFESSIONAL QUALITY. Our standards are high as we continuously strive to reach the next level in performance. Every detail is important: choreography, staging, sets, costumes, lighting... EVERYTHING counts.



Ballet Theatre San Luis Obispo Promotional Video Collected Works 2006-2013

We developed this video compilation in 2013 with the assistance of Graphics by Erick. Our goals were to showcase our performances and productions over the years and to introduce BT-SLO to those who have not seen us on stage. The body of work that Theresa Slobodnik has created with our dancers is amazing.

Posters from Past Performances

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