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The Stories We Are Telling On Stage

Theresa Slobodnik's

The Velveteen Rabbit

Scene 1

Christmas Day

Anxiously awaiting the day’s events, a Boy peaks at presents. Realizing he can wait no longer, his Mother and Father employ the Nana to wind the Clockwork Mouse, which promptly breaks. Another gift is brought forth: a Velveteen Rabbit, stuffed with sawdust, but quite splendid looking. The Boy is unsure of how to play with this new toy, but with Nana’s help becomes quite enamored with it. Aunts and Uncles arrive with more presents for the Boy, who obediently tries each, wishing he could just play with his Velveteen Rabbit.


Scene 2

Nighttime in the Nursery

The long eventful day has ended. Nana is tidying up in the Nursery, finding a perfect place for each toy. The Velveteen Rabbit is snubbed by the other more expensive and mechanical toys, who fancy themselves real. While talking with the Skin Horse, the Rabbit learns a toy becomes real if its owner truly loves it. But it takes a long time during which one becomes shabby. As the Boy is put to bed, he realizes his favorite toy has been misplaced. Nana brings him the Velveteen Rabbit as a quick replacement.


Scene 3

A Spring Morning in the Nursery

Several months have passed, and the Velveteen Rabbit has become the Boy’s constant companion. This splendid morning is spent playing in the Nursery, making a rabbit burrow out of bedclothes, and talking in whispers. Nana insists they go outside.


Scene 4

A Garden at the Edge of the Forest

The Boy and Rabbit wheelbarrow ride to the far side of the garden, where ants invade their picnic. When the Boy is called away to tea, several curious wild rabbits arrive with many unsettling questions. Feeling self-conscious and alone, the Rabbit is happy for the Boy’s return. They create lovely fairy huts in the raspberry canes before the Boy begins to tire. The Gardener, seeking his wheelbarrow, discovers the Boy burning with fever. A Doctor’s examination reveals grave news: the Boy has scarlet fever.


Scene 5

Scarlet Fever in the Nursery

The feverish bedridden Boy tosses, turns, and talks in his sleep. The Rabbit can only whisper in the Boy’s ear plans of all the splendid games they will play in the garden, should he get well again. At the end of one very long night, the fever breaks, and the Boy wakes up. The good news and bright sunny morning bring a flurry of activity in the Nursery. As the Doctor declares the Boy well, his parents make plans to take him to the seaside. Thinking he will go as well; the Rabbit finds himself carried away with the germ ridden toys and bedclothes to be burned behind the fowl house.


Scene 6

Behind the Fowl House

The Gardener arrives with the last of the Boy’s things, including the Velveteen Rabbit. Cold, sad, and alone, the Rabbit cries a real tear. Suddenly, a flower grows from where the tear has fallen and out of its blossom emerges the most beautiful fairy. She is the Nursery Magic Fairy who makes toys REAL. Thinking he had been real, the Rabbit learns he had only been real to the Boy, because he loved him.

Scene 7

The Moonlit Forest

The Nursery Magic Fairy has flown the Rabbit to the forest where he realizes she has made him a real rabbit at last. He runs to join the other rabbits in the wild.


Scene 8

Springtime in the Forest One Year Later

The following spring, the Boy has returned to play in the forest and sees wild rabbits hopping about. One in particular catches his eye. “That looks like my old Velveteen Rabbit I lost when I had scarlet fever,” he says. The Velveteen Rabbit, now real, remembers he had once been an old sawdust-stuffed bunny, and that the Boy had truly loved him.

Theresa Slobodnik's

Les Patineurs (The Skaters)

It’s a town's Christmas Eve Festival at the outdoor skating pond. Skaters take the ice, warming up in anticipation of the evening’s events. A Skating Teacher’s students join the fun, and the Mayor congratulates a Boy in Green's display of virtuosity. The Ladies Auxiliary arrives with preparations for the evening's candlelight service. An interlude provides Young Ladies a skate filled with skill and frolic. Men join the festive skate when a grand procession enters: the Skating Teacher and her prized students followed by the Mayor dispersing gifts. A free skate unites friends of all ages. Now the Girl in Green takes the open ice with great vigor. Several girls arrive to dress the rink’s snowman. A rousing skate for six is followed by another display of virtuosity from the Girl in Green. She is joined by the town’s citizens in their finest skating, traditionally the last festive displays of Christmas Eve.