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The Snow Queen

December 15 - 17, 2023

Spanos Theatre

  • The Hans Christian Andersen tale that inspired Disney's Frozen

  • Adaptation and Choreography by Theresa Slobodnik

  • Music by German-Dutch Composer Julius Rontgen

STORY OVERVIEW: The cherished friendship of young Kay and little Gerda falls victim to an evil Hobgoblin's cruel prank that turns people's hearts cold and bitter. The icy Snow Queen preys on the trouble and leads Kay away to her frozen throne.  Gerda’s love for her beloved friend takes her on a fantastic journey to rescue Kay. She travels from her rooftop rose garden, through a rushing river, up snowy mountains, and into mystical forests and castles. She encounters magical creatures, dangerous hurdles, and mysterious people.  Hans Christian Andersen’s iconic fairy tale will leap off its pages, onto the stage, and into your heart in Theresa Slobodnik's original adaptation.


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