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In every class, we get closer to realizing more of what ballet has to offer.

On stage, we get closer to realizing more of what we have to offer.

Ballet Theatre San Luis Obispo was founded as a performing ballet company!

We perform several times in a season in different venues throughout the Central Coast. Under the artistic direction, choreography, and leadership of Theresa Slobodnik, Ballet Theatre San Luis Obispo's Performing company has produced a wide range of original ballets and ballets from the classical repertoire. Our goal is to perfect what we present on the stage and remain true to the 300+ year tradition of telling stories on stage through dance.


Every production and show we produce is of professional quality. Our standards are high as we continuously strive to reach the next level of performance. We believe every detail is important: choreography, staging, sets, costumes, lighting... EVERYTHING counts in storytelling!


Our hallmark is telling stories on stage. Whether it is the medieval tale of Robin Hood (Robin Hood 2009, 2013), the heartwarming story of a toy rabbit coming to life (The Velveteen Rabbit, 2009, 2012), the mysterious worlds of water spirits (Undine, 2012), or the wintry world of The Snow Queen (2017, 2018) we have been able to capture the essence of a story, tell it on stage through dance, and connect with all ages in the audience.



We believe everyone should experience the exhilaration of being a part of a professional ballet!


Learn how to join and other performance FAQs


Find out what's coming up next for our Ballet Production Company


Our Performing Ballet Company has produced a wide range of original ballets and ballets from the classical repertoire.


Click on the images below to learn about some of our major works!


We welcome all students of BT-SLO to join the cast of one of our productions! Below are a few common questions on how to begin.

How do I join a production as a dancer? How is casting done?

Join a Ballet Theatre SLO ballet class and let us know you’re interested in performing! Students at BT‐SLO attending classes are NOT REQUIRED to participate in performances. But ballet is a performance art and joining  a performance is a natural extension of class that execrates your ballet technique.  There is no formal auditioning is required. Our teachers know each of their student's skills and abilities. Your teacher along with Artistic Director, Theresa Slobodnik, will help you identify roles and pieces that fit your level and schedule. They work hard to ensure each student is casted in appropriate roles that are challenging, exciting, and that you will feel confident dancing in.  Reach out to the BT-SLO Team to identify the best class level and Performing Group for you or your child.

Can I participate in a show if I’m new to ballet or performance? Or if I haven’t danced in a long time?

Yes! We are committed to providing children, youth, and adult dancers of ALL LEVELS the opportunity to perform and dance on stage throughout the year. We also welcome dancers from different dance backgrounds including ballroom, swing, jazz, and even theater. If dance or the theater is calling for you, we want to get you on stage!

What do rehearsals look like?

A typical rehearsal day looks like: 1) Take your scheduled class or arrive 15-30mins early for self-warm-up to avoid injuries 2