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5 Awesome YouTube Channels for Ballet Dancers

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Ballet training and education do not start and stop when you leave the studio! One of the greatest developments of today's age is the amount of information accessible at our fingertips. YouTube is an amazing tool that many dancers use to add to their training outside their classes, find at-home exercises to sharpen their skills for the classroom, learn mental and physical techniques from experts, and feed their love for this art form.

Brooke, Roeh, and Madeline are 3 Ballet Theatre San Luis Obispo Company Dancers. They have shared their favorite YouTube Channels to help you get stronger and more inspired for your next dance class or performance!


About Channel: Former soloist with the New York City Ballet and Miami City Ballet who shares insights into the ballet world and how to improve my dancing as well as beauty and lifestyle tips. She has different kinds of videos including ballet classes, workouts, Q&A sessions, life advice, performances, beauty tutorials, technique tips, and more.

Recommended By: Brooke (second-ed and third-ed by Madeline and Roeh)

Why Brooke Loves Them: She has some really amazing ballet barre and center videos for when you are traveling or the studio is on break and you want to get some extra classes in. She also has some quicker-paced warm-ups for flat or pointe that I really like to use before a rehearsal if I have to self-warm up.

Brooke's Favorite Videos:


About Channel: Kirsten is a professional ballet dancer helping dancers break through the mental challenges that block them from dancing and feeling their best. She speaks to the specific mental, physical, and strategic challenges that dancers encounter in their training. She is now a professional mindset coach who provides thought-provoking questions and insights that call dancers to a healthier, more objective perspective about themselves.

Recommended by: Roeh

Why Roeh Loves Them: Ballet, for many, is a mental game as much as a physical one. Kirsten really hits the mental hurdles we all face as dancers. I wish I had her when I was younger to help me learn how to believe in myself, calm my nerves so I can enjoy performing, manage my self-doubt and negative self-talk, and work the mindset needed to tackle ballet while feeling my best.

Roeh's Favorite Videos:


About Channel: Louisa is an ex-professional ballerina turned certified master trainer and the founder of Train Like a Ballerina. She is on a mission to help ballerinas and ballet enthusiasts of all levels and ages through correct strength & flexibility training, healthy eating, and the sharing of some seriously supreme knowledge.

Recommended By: Madeline

Why Madeline Loves Them: It is awesome conditioning for ballet dancers. Her videos allow you to choose what part of the body you want to focus on and the level of intensity.

Madeline's Favorite Videos:


About Channel: The official channel for the Royal Opera House - the home of The Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera.

Recommended by: Brooke

Why Brooke Loves Them: They have great warm-up classes and video clips of ballets to be inspired by. I love watching their variation clips!

Brooke's Favorite Videos:


About Channel: Adriene's mission is to connect as many people as possible through high-quality free yoga videos. They welcome all levels, all bodies, all genders, all souls!

Recommended By: Roeh (+ Brooke and Madeline)

Why Roeh Loves Them: I religiously do an Adriene yoga video before every performance and throughout my dance training because it gets me mentally prepared, slows my breathing, and gives my hard-working muscles the stretching they need. It's awesome she has videos as short as 10-20mins so I can squeeze a video into my busy day. Her 30-Day Yoga series are also super fun.

Roeh's Favorite Videos:


About Channel: Claudia used to be a Royal Ballet dancer and now has her own studio. She has great tips for strengthening and technique on Instagram and YouTube. She also has a podcast called Stage Chats where she gives advice.

Recommended by: Madeline

Why Madeline Loves Them: Great content that focuses on stretching AND strengthening! She mostly uses Instagram for quick and easily accessible tips so check her out there too.

Madeline's Favorite Videos:



Meet Brooke

College Student & Company Dancer at BT-SLO

Meet Roeh

Working Professional and Company Dancer + Leadership at BT-SLO

Meet Madeline

Company Dancer at BT-SLO


This article DOES NOT include affiliate links or sponsored content. Ballet Theatre San Luis Obispo does not own any of the content on the YouTube Channels listed. The above recommendations are purely recommendations for resources enjoyed by these dancers. If you choose to visit these sites, do so at your own risk; seek medical guidance before participating in exercises or activities.

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1 Comment

Chase Bennett
Chase Bennett
Jun 07, 2023

If you're a ballet dancer or interested in ballet, here are five awesome YouTube channels that you might find helpful and inspiring:

  1. "The Ballet Coach" - This channel provides instructional videos, tips, and exercises for ballet dancers of all levels. It covers various techniques, exercises for strength and flexibility, and insights into the world of ballet. By the way, they use YouTube promotion packages for their promotion.

  2. "The Australian Ballet" - The official YouTube channel of The Australian Ballet features behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with dancers and choreographers, performance highlights, and exclusive content related to ballet productions.

  3. "Lazy Dancer Tips" - This channel is run by Alessia Lugoboni, a professional ballet dancer. She shares tutorials, exercises, and advice for ballet…

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