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Tween & Teen 
Dance Camp

5-Day Summer Intensive

July 17 - 21, 2023 | 9:00am - 3:45pm

For youth dancers ages 10 - 14 

Join this one-week summer dance camp focus on personal growth on and off stage!

Sign up by June 23

$450 per student

A Summer of Personal Growth & Love for Dance

Through the medium of dance, our goal is to equip our students with the tools they need to have confidence, strength, and resilience to perform at their very best on and off stage! This is a summer dance camp unlike any other because we aim to strengthen not only dancers' bodies but also their minds and hearts.

This week-long summer dance camp is designed to help dancers:

  1. Build a vocabulary of positive self talk and positive mindsets

  2. Learn tools for mental & physical health as they dance

  3. Strengthen their technique through difference dance mediums

  4. Develop their artistry and ability to create through movement

  5. Find confidence in themselves despite constant critiques in dance

  6. Fall in love with dance and their dance community


5-day summer camp July 17 - 21, 2023 from  9:00am - 3:00pm consisting of:







Students will reflect, explore, and build on their mental, emotional, and wellness skills that are so important for young dancers. During daily Personal Growth & Development Workshops, Ms. Kathy will develop dancers for internal strength on and off the stage. Meet Ms. Kathy here


Topics Include:

  • Understanding myself and my community - What I'm best at, where I want to grow, why I dance, and who is here to support me

  • Take responsibility for your growth, as one and as part of a community - How to ask questions, how to learn outside the studio & independently, and support one another

  • Mindset coaching - what does having a positive mindset mean in dance, how to believe in yourself

  • Dancer health, nutrition, and body positivity - building a basic understanding of nutrition for dancers, finding confidence in my own body and skin


Younger dancers have a million questions for the Company Dancers whom they aspire to be one day. They often want to ask about everything from when they started dancing, to insight into their toughest roles, to when they got their first pair of pointe shoes. During camp, we have created space for them to ask all their burning questions!


Every day during camp, we invite a member of BT-SLO's Ballet Company to share their experience and answer questions from dancers. Not too long ago, these soloists were in youth dancers too so they will be able to connect deeply with our camp members! 


Company Dancers will also will teach a mini workshop - giving dancers 5 exciting teachers all in one week! Meet our Company Dancers here


In this class, we will dive into the correlation between expression and movement and how they come together in ballet. The facial and physical aspects that dancers demonstrate on stage are key to storytelling! Theatre acting is different but deeply connected to the formal steps technique of ballet. Throughout this summer series, Jason will dive into 6 biologically based emotional facial and whole-body expressions that can be conveyed through the art form of dance. Students will learn and practice how angles, speed, transitions, and the 6 basic emotions can all come together to help a performer and the audience understand a character, give them emotional recognition, and convey specific emotions. Meet Mr. Jason here


Hair and makeup are just a part of being a dancer. Kate is one of BT-SLO's best makeup and hair artists who is known for her iconic looks from romantic love interest to firey firebird. Kate will do a fun hair and makeup tutorial and provide her tips for looking performance ready! Meet Ms. Kate here

Dance Classes


Taught by Ms. Brooke, Strength and Conditioning classes are a fun and effective fusion of dance movements, floor/mat work, and strengthening exercises. Dancers will focus on gaining overall flexibility, mobility, endurance, and strength that will greatly improve their dance performance. Meet Ms. Brooke


Develop your ballet technique and training with new teachers! Brooke will teach you techniques and exercises she used as a company dancer in countless soloist roles.


Lyrical Dance combines techniques of classical ballet and jazz, as well as some modern elements. Using stylized exercises and choreography, these classes will help dancers learn precision, rhythm, and how to add personal style and expression, emphasizing the storytelling quality of music. 


Jazz dance develops in parallel to popular music and is the physical embodiment of popular music of various time periods. Dancers will get moving and grooving in this high-energy creative dance class! 

Photos & Swag

DSCF1528 (1).JPG

At the end of the week following the makeup tutorial, we'll do a DANCER PHOTOSHOOOT and families will be sent a GALLERY OF PHOTOS of their favorite dancers! Students will also receive a REFLECTION JOURNAL and CUSTOM SWAG designed just for the Youth Dance Camp.

Meet Your Instructors


$450 per student


  • 25 dance workshops and classes throughout the week with over 6 professional-level teachers!

  • 30 hours of summer camp

  • Reflection journal 

  • Custom swag

  • Student photos

  • Studio rental, music licensing, admin fees


What Age and Level is this Camp for?

This camp is for dancers ages 10 - 14 who have already had beginner ballet training. Students should already have knowledge of basic ballet vocabulary.

This is our only youh camp this summer and is our first dance camp of its kind at BT-SLO. Hopefully in future years we can expand to having camps for more age groups.

How Do We Sign Up and Pay?

Please sign-up for the camp here. Students new to BT-SLO will be asked to set up a Studio Director account where we manage payments. A $100 deposit will be charged upon registration and the remaining balance will be charged at the start of the camp.

What Do We Need to Bring?

Daily lunch, snacks, and water. We will have some supplementary snacks and water. For makeup day (Friday), we will send a note asking students to bring their basic stage makeup (foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow palette, and lipstick).


I want to join the camp!

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