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Ballet Class Etiquette

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Joining the ballet world or even just a new studio can be daunting. There are some less-spoken rules of what to do and not to do in each class. And each studio does things a bit differently. We want to demystify ballet class and speak the unspoken rules. We'll also walk you through what you need to know to get started at Ballet Theatre San Luis Obispo.

No talking during class or rehearsal

  • During these times, you want to fully concentrate on the teacher and your own body.

  • Like any other school, raise your hand to be called on by the teacher to ask questions.

  • Be kind and respect your classmates. Rudeness, mocking, or negativity is unacceptable. Everyone is here to learn and grow.

Be aware of your surroundings to keep others safe!

  • Ensure dancers around you have space to move without collision

  • Do not stop in the middle of an exercise when traveling across the floor

Corrections are feedback, feedback is fuel for progress

  • BT-SLO teachers are all committed to their students' improvement and will provide corrections to each student. Corrections are feedback that you can take to fuel your progress.

  • Sometimes teachers are very passionate when they deliver their corrections. This is not a negative personal statement or attack on the student. It simply means that the correction is VERY important.

  • When you receive a correction from your teacher, acknowledge your teacher and correction with a nod or simple reply. If you do not understand a correction, ask your teacher to explain it again or differently.

Leaving the room during class

  • Like any other classroom, don't leave the room while the teacher is providing instructions or in the middle of an exercise. There is a break between the barre and centre portions of class where you can run to the restroom or leave the room to sneak in a snack.

  • Leaving Early: Communicate to your teacher at the beginning of class or rehearsal

General ballet etiquette basics

  • Do not lean on the ballet barres - keep mindful between exercises or if you're waiting for your turn to dance.

  • Never sit down on the floor unless you are instructed to do so.

Whether you are an adult interested in taking your first class ever or your child is excited about beginning their ballet journey, we welcome all dancers to our studio!

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