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Preparing and Arriving to Ballet Class

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Class begins promptly at the start time! Here's how to prepare for your class before and after you arrive at the studio.


  • Fuel up for class

    • Adults and intermediate dancers are recommended to have a small healthy snack before arriving at the studio or pack one for after class

    • Children's classes may have a snack (crackers, energy bar, etc) and water break

    • Note: Gum, food, and drinks (besides water) are not permitted at the studio. We do not have an eating area.

  • Pack your dance bag with the essentials

  • Prepare hydration before, during, and after class

    • Pack your reusable water bottle!

    • Drinks with added electrolytes can both rehydrate you quicker than plain water and it can keep you feeling hydrated longer than plain water - consider coconut water, electrolyte beverages, or electrolyte drink mixes to add to your water

  • Do your favorite meditation practices before entering the studio. This will allow you to leave the day's troubles behind, connect with your body, and transition into the dance world!

  • Do a quick stretch or warm-up at home or in a corner of the studio before the barre! This is especially helpful for adult dancers. This will help you avoid injury and mentally transition for the start of class.



  • First-time students: arrive 10‐15 minutes early to allow time to sign a waiver and get acquainted with the studio

  • Budget in time to use the restroom, dress, and do your pre-class warmup

  • Cubbies are available to put away belongings and dance bags

  • No lockers are available so leave valuables at home


  • All students must be picked up within 10 minutes of the end of class or rehearsal

  • We want to allow students to focus on their class and learning without distractions. Unfortunately, we do not have an enclosed viewing area so we ask family members to wait outside the studio during class.

  • Please respect the dancers - no loud conversations are allowed in the lobby or viewing areas when class or rehearsal is in session.

Whether you are an adult interested in taking your first class ever or your child is excited about beginning their ballet journey, we welcome all dancers to our studio!

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