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What to Wear to Ballet Class (Dress Code)

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Joining the ballet world or even just a new studio can be daunting. We want to demystify ballet class and walk you through what you need to know to get started at Ballet Theatre San Luis Obispo.

The proper dress and attire remove any distractions. It also allows the teacher to see the dancer’s body to make corrections based on placement, muscle movements, and the shapes made by the body - often referred to as “lines.”

Below is the BT-SLO Dress Code


  • Hair should be tied up neatly to avoid distraction (ie. tied in a bun, loose hair pinned back)

  • Dangling or large jewelry, including watches, should be removed

  • All dancers should wear ballet slippers

  • Shoes are required in the studio; No bare feet on the floor

Girls & Ladies Attire:

  • Leotard: solid color, minimal designs/embellishments

  • For Beginning Adult Class: comfortable, close-fitting clothing is acceptable ie. leggings and athletic attire (tights & leotard are not required unless chosen by the dancer)

  • Skirt: (optional)

  • Tights: pink or black

Boys & Men Attire:

  • Plain T-shirt

  • Leggings, fitted sweatpants, dance pants, or fitted athletic shorts

  • Dance belt

Local San Luis Obispo Stores:

  • Pink and Black Dance Shop - link at 874 Ricardo Court, San Luis Obispo (we recommend calling (805) 706-0567 to confirm daily hours before visiting)

  • Roxanne's Birkenstock - link at 746 Higuera St. #5, Inside Mission Mall, San Luis Obispo (they have a small selection of tights, leotards, ballet shoes, and Block pointe shoes)

Online Shops:

Whether you are an adult interested in taking your first class ever or your child is excited about beginning their ballet journey, we welcome all dancers to our studio!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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